Speak Spanish by being heard

Learning to Speak: Do you find it difficult?   

  • You already know enough written Spanish but you don't know what to say when facing an oral presentation or public speech. 
  • You already have all the knowledge you need for passing the DELE exam but not enough confidence and practice to pass the oral part of that exam.
  • You feel tired of the same old formula for teaching a new language and you are not interested in Diplomas, Levels of Reference or updated manuals but you would like to speak Spanish by improving your speech.

It is frustrating to study a new language and still not being able to communicate. 

Oral communication is frequently overlooked in many language courses, although it's the main goal for the majority of students who start learning a foreign language. Ironically, it is precisely this communication skill that needs the most attention. It's time to give the ability of speaking a new language a boost. 

It is time for a method that solves all of these issues that often arise when learning a new language. Our platform offers a new language learning approach based on the idea that speaking needs to be the learners’ first approach to their target language. 

The DELE exam

The DELE is the official Diploma that certifies your level in Spanish. If you are interested in doing the DELE exam but you don't know which linguistic contents you are supposed to master when dealing with the oral test of that exam check the site Blog. You will find articles posted on the blog progressively with information regarding all the linguistic contents you need to master in each level to pass the DELE oral exam. 

CEFR: What is the Common European Framework of Reference?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a helpful tool for teachers. It provides a guideline to learn, teach and test all European languages. In Spanish the Instituto Cervantes has translated it and you can find it easily on the Internet. However, it can be a long read for students. If you would like to know which linguistics contents you need to master in each level fell free to check the Blog site. 

Why do I get confused after years studying Spanish?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I effectively speak in the class?
  • Have I been shown the most useful process regarding verb inflection? 
  • Do I make the same mistakes over and over again when I do private lessons? 

In a class you probably don't have the opportunity to express yourself through speech very often. Eventually if you do it's with another student who’s Spanish is as good as yours and he or she is unable to correct your mistakes. 

To do repetitive exercises over and over again is useful as a supporting practice, but we believe that to learn a new language you need more than learning just isolated linguistic contents. 

You need to perform oral communication to develop real communication skills, otherwise whatever you learn is filed away in your brain. Basically your mind does not interact with the knowledge you have acquired so when you face a real situation in which you need to speak your brain often goes into overdrive.

With One-on-One lessons you probably feel more satisfied with the results as a student however, private lessons are often expensive. In fact no matter how many times your teacher corrects your speaking mistakes after the class you will probably forget most of them. 

Learning a new language: How to learn a foreign language fast? 

Focusing on oral communication. By training your speech trough expert speech coaching you will improve your oral skills.

We promote an approach based on the idea that speaking is the main goal for people when learning a new language. We focus on oral skills because it is more effective and speeds up language acquisition.

Many students find when learning a new language that the focus is on the written element of the language instead of the speech, which is counter-productive as it slows down the capacity to speak the language dramatically.

Teaching the written element first instead of speech is not natural and therefore it may bring many of the usual problems that students often have when learning a new language.

If you know how to say a word or sentence when learning the language, you will not have problems in learning how to format the written form afterwards. Alternatively if you learn the language in written form first you will probably have serious problems in performing the sounds of the words due to the interference of your mother tongue with your target language.

Speech has to be an immediate ability that students need to perform from the very beginning in order to be successful in their goal. Therefore, we want you to speak Spanish from the very first day you decided to undertake and achieve your goal and we aim to step up your learning process by focusing on barriers to effective communication when approaching a new language.

How to give speaking a boost?

We are focused on giving special support to oral communication through speech coaching on the cloud, which supports your speech development by following the recommendations established by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). That is to say, we cover the main oral aspects to master each level when speaking Spanish (from level A1 to level B2). 

It is time for a new approach to language that is able to offer the possibility of improving your spoken Spanish by being heard. 



Cloud-Coaching offers this possibility. This new approach is a new supporting education model in which all student-teacher interaction is conducted virtually on the "Cloud" which basically means that you interact with your personal Coach on the Cloud; a Coach who will guide you through a personalized program that is convenient, affordable but also effective. 

Why Cloud-Coaching?

Learning Spanish is often a requirement for many people that try to improve their current professional career or have access to companies and businesses established in Spanish speaking areas. Sometimes learning Spanish is only the aim of many people who enjoy to cope new goals. In addition, learning a new language is a fulfilling and beautiful journey that may inspire you to challenge yourself in other ways. Anyhow, the kind of society we live in is increasingly multicultural and challenging which motivates learning foreign languages in the most varied circumstances and for many different applications. 

This multicultural and challenging reality also inspires and motivates teachers to constantly develop new teaching proposals; new proposals that nowadays are based on the “Common European Framework of Reference”The CEFR establishes a system for teaching and testing any language inside the European Union, which means today it is easier for teachers to develop a program for students to overcome the language barrier.

However, sometimes the implementation of all these new insights doesn't suit a specific purpose. In addition, the CEFR recommendations may a long read for the student who aim to progress through a personalised program based on his or her needs and goals; specially when the only thing that the student wants is to be able to speak. 

In order to offer a helpful tool for those who want to achieve their goal in speaking Spanish we have developed a new method to learn to speak Spanish called Cloud-Coaching. We have analised the linguistic content of each CEFR level in order to create a program that is able to apply all this linguistic contents to the particular ability of speech.

With this new formula the first thing you practice is speech so you learn to speak Spanish in an effective and productive way.

SoundCloud to Speak Spanish 

Learn to Speak Spanish by recording your voice in SoundCloud

Have you ever imagined learning Spanish through your own speech with your teacher's exclusive feedback included?



Our Cloud-Coaching program is conducted around the platform SoundCloud. Through this system you can record your own voice while your coach guides your speech and progression, which allows you to have access to your own speech through your own recordings, which are completely private. 

You only need to open a free account in SoundCloud, which enables you to submit to your Spanish Coach all the oral exercises suggested in our Lesson-Tutorials. Click here to create a Free SoundCloud Account.

In our site YOU are The Voice of Spanish so forget the old traditional way of teaching in a classroom far away from the comfort of your own home where the teacher interacts with large groups of students and finds it difficult to focus on one. 

Cloud-Coaching: A better way to learn a Language

We believe in Cloud-Coaching because through this new system you can record your speech while your Coach guides and supports your speech development. 

Cloud-Coaching is a fast, precise, effective, affordable, personalised, convenient and reliable system to learn everything you need to speak Spanish. Through this new learning method you can get you Coach review within 24 hours after you have submitted your recording. This review is given by a professional and expert language Coach, who gives you the positive feedback you need based on your own speech and errors  in order to work on them accurately. 

All our programs are focused on oral skills which makes your language acquisition more effective as well as more affordable since Cloud-Coaching allows you to interact with your personal Coach on the Cloud. Speak Spanish Cloud Coaches are highly qualified and experienced language Coaches who give always personilised feedback by analyzing the soundtrack you submit in SoundCloud and suggesting exercises that suit your needs in order to improve your Spanish and reach fluency. 

In addition you can follow any of our programs on the Internet anywhere in the world, you only need to supply the necessary communication device, operating system and data connection to access to the platform.

Overcome the language barrier

The main difficulty when approaching a new language is to overcome the language barrier. When we want to communicate with natives sometimes we have to resort to "Spanglish" and in fact Spanglish is not only an isolated phenomenon anymore; it has become a linguistic reality. Spanglish is a PhD in some American Colleges, which has its own grammar, and there are even books published completely in Spanglish, for instance, the first part of El Quijote has already been translated into Spanglish. However, Spanglish may bring misunderstandings when the knowledge of the two languages is not balanced. 

It’s true that communication is not always verbal, sometimes it overpasses words; however, most of the time words are often needed when we want to communicate effectively on the daily basis and when we mix languages we don’t know which words are going to be the right ones for the listener to understand. The good news is that when dealing with a situation in which we have to face a language we don’t fully understand, the desire of speaking that language escalates and the feeling of making it possible appears. 

  • How can I improve my speech if I don't even know what I'm saying right or wrong when I try to speak Spanish?

 There is always a way.

Our programs solve all these problems by offering a personalized and effective Speech Coaching that guides and supports your speech development. This coaching is conducted on the Cloud, where you can come back anytime to check your own speech with your Coach feedback included in order to work on your mistakes.

This new formula permits you as a student to understand and locate precisely the fault in your speech. Your personal Coach will work on your speech exclusively by giving you personalized feedback within 24 hours inside the soundtrack you submitted itself.

Spanish Online: Personalised doesn't mean expensive

We offer a personalised program tailored just for you. 

A personal language Coach knows and keeps in mind your goals, your needs and your time but above all knows your Spanish and is able to detect your mistakes and work on them in the most suitable way. A professional language Coach is skilled to establish a personalised methodology that organises your learning process in whatever way suits you better and works on your progression until you are ready to move on to the next step. An expert Coach can help you to finally get your Spanish sorted but:

  • Do I have to pay a crazy amount of money to speak personally with a qualified native teacher?

The answer is NO. Our online courses to learn Spanish are set on the Cloud for you to access to them anytime you want. With us you will interact with your personal Coach on the Cloud which makes it more affordable. We have fixed the usual problems of conventional learning, even the money issue, while improving the acquisition speed of oral skills. 

Spanish Learning Holiday: Learn Spanish Abroad

Spain, Argentina, Mexico...

After doing one of our courses you may like to go on holidays to a Spanish speaking country. Why not to keep learning while you are there?

Are you into adventures when learning a language? Would you like to communicate face to face with Spanish people?. You can't wait to take an active part in the everyday life of Spain, Argentina or Mexico? Would you like to discover the exciting street life in Barcelona, Cuzco or Tenerife? Then you will love living the life of the locals while speaking and listening to native speakers every day. 

Learn Spanish and have fun! Click here to discover our sponsored educational holidays in Spain and South America. 

Our philosophy

Speech is first! We want you to speak Spanish in the easiest and fastest way possible, that's it.

We design and create contents on the Blog to suit your needs. You can check these contents anytime you want, it's free and they are perfect to combine with the Cloud-Coaching service that Speak Spanish Cloud offers. We provide personalized, affordable and effective feedback on the Cloud. 

You are a free bird and therefore if learning Spanish is your goal, the Cloud-Coaching service can guide and support you in achieving that goal. 

We respect your privacy. You ALWAYS have access to your own recordings to check or download on the Cloud.

This brand new formula is an exclusive and desirable break through for YOU to develop confident and effective communication skills and that's our promise to you. 

In our site YOU are "The Voice of Spanish" because everybody that learns to speak a new language is part of this form of communication. 


We love speaking and know you love it too. 



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